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About Us

Hello, I’m  Jen Garcia. I’m the official mayor of Austin Pawville.  I provide Austin pet sitting and dog walking services.austin pet sitting dog walking

  • I am a certified  through the National Association for Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS)
  • I also have training in Pet First Aid and CPR  .
  • I have been a teacher for the last 8 years and now would love to teach and care for your other important family members.
  • We are an LLC (Limited Liability Company) and have liability insurance and are bonded.
  • I am currently a volunteer at Town Lake Animal Shelter.  During my time at the shelter I have taken classes in Dog training basics, dog behavior basics, along with all the valuable experience I have gained.
  • I have also taken basic dog training and intermediate training classes with Marla at Petsmart.
  • I have experience with a wide range of animals from dogs and cats to snakes, frogs, and ferrets and had a pet rabbit, Pedro.
  • I have a great love and respect for all animals.  I love to spend time with my dogs either walking around our neighborhood or park, riding bike together,  playing in the backyard, or even relaxing and cuddling on the couch.
  • I grew up in an animal loving family.  My father was a police officer with a K-9 partner, Sir.  He was also on the board of the local Humane Society where I spent much of my time interacting with the animals there.  My mother grew up on a farm. I spent many days as a child running around the farm playing with a variety of animals and catching as many frogs and snakes as my siblings and I could.
  • My childhood house was always filled with rescued or adopted animals.
  • My love of animals has continued into adulthood.
  • I provide the highest quality Austin pet sitting and dog walking services in Austin.


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